Blast Freezers

Dubai’s Quality Blast Freezers

Meat, fish and poultry can all harbour considerable amounts of bacteria in their fresh, raw form. These bacteria multiply alarmingly quickly over just a few days if left in unsuitable conditions. However, they can be controlled and destroyed if the correct freezing and cooking methods are used.

One of the biggest benefits of blast freezers is that they have the ability to freeze several tons of produce in as little as 8 hours. This super-fast process ensures that bacteria has minimal time to develop and keeps the meat fresh for a longer period after blast freezing.

As a rule of thumb meat, fish and poultry are stored at around -18°C or colder. At this temperature, bacteria cannot develop and can be ensured that the product is safer for consumers once it is in their hands.

The products are blast freezed upto a temperature of -40°C so that the core temperature of the product will be lower than -18°C. Firstcool has got enough expertise to design and install blast freezers as per our customer requirements.

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